Comfort: “Saving 1 billion m3 for Vietnam fund”

On world water day’s national meeting in Can Tho, Comfort, in cooperation with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, has launched the “Saving 1 billion m3 for Vietnam fund”. The leading fabric conditioner brand aims to save 1 billion m3 water by 2015 via educating consumers to reduce clothes rinsing times from 3.4 times to once, thanks to its breakthrough one rinse products.

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As a brand that has been in millions of Vietnamese households for more than a decade, Comfort deeply cares about Vietnamese people’s well being. It finds a strong call to help Vietnam solve a critical problem: water scarcity.

There’s an estimate of 30% urban, and 60% rural household who doesn’t have access to clean water. This has a profound impact to their lives. Clicking through the news, it’s easy to come across saddening stories of people who doesn’t have a choice but use contaminated water, which lead to diarrhea, or worse, cancer.

An estimate of 9000 Vietnamese people die every year due to unhygienic water related causes. The casualty is the equivalent to an A380 plane crash every month.

At the same time, there’s a huge opportunity to save enough drinking water for everyone, if we all reduce rinsing time. This solution is easy: one rinse products are now in 1 out of 2 households! The problem is not many one rinse users are reducing rinsing time yet.

To kick off the initiative, Comfort launched the 1 billion m3 water fund to call for Vietnamese people to save water, especially via reducing rinse time, which contributes up to 40% the amount of water used domestically in water-scarce area.

Following the event in Can Tho, the brand is launching activities that you can join hand to ensure there’s enough clean water for every Vietnamese people.

Pledge to save water with Comfort One Rinse here:

Share with us a story you know about water scarcity!

And many other exciting activities on the website, Live on June 7th 2013!

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