Unilever’s commitment to East Asian social

On 6 june, Unilever coo harish manwani took part in the main public session at the World Economic Forum (WEF) East Asia summit being held in Myanmar (Burma).

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Vision for East Asia’s Networked Future

Harish joined a panel alongside Thailand’s Finance Minister, the Secretary of Finance for the Philippines and the chairmen of two of East Asia’s largest corporations to discuss regional integration and trade.

The session – entitled ‘Vision for East Asia’s Networked Future’ – was televised by Bloomberg TV. View a recording of the session above.

The main topic under discussion was how East Asia can implement its long-term strategy for strong networked trade and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) integration in a region that has been traditionally driven by export-oriented growth.

With Unilever taking a leading role in ASEAN integration, this represented an opportunity to build the company’s reputation as a committed partner in the growth of a prosperous and sustainably developing East Asia.

New Models for Action

Harish also attended a private session on ‘Achieving the New Vision for Agriculture: New Models for Action in East Asia’ along with Peter ter Kulve, EVP South East Asia and Australasia, and Vikram Agarwal, VP Procurement.

The New Vision for Agriculture (NVA) integrates food and nutritional security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity, with a goal of improving each by 20% per decade until 2050. The aim is to help the 870 million people in the world who are chronically hungry and under-nourished. Unilever is deeply involved in the current NVA initiative in Africa.

The fact that the WEF summit is being held in Myanmar this year is of particular significance as Unilever has recently re-launched its presence in the country.

This follows the key moment for Unilever during last year’s WEF East Asia summit in Bangkok, when Aung San Suu Kyi, General Secretary of Myanmar’s National League for Democracy and Nobel Peace Prize winner, visited Unilever Thailand’s Minburi factory as part of her first overseas visit in 24 years.

For more information on the World Economic Forum, please visit the WEF website.

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