Unilever 'Most Admired Company of 2010'

Unilever has been named the Most Admired Company of 2010, in a poll from top UK business magazine, Management Today.

Unilever has been named the Most Admired Company of 2010, in a poll from leading UK business magazine Management Today.

Despite scoring a top six place in the title’s annual table for the past nine years, this is the first time Unilever has won the accolade – drawing praise for its sustainability-led business model and commitment to growth.

“It’s great to see a firm like Unilever, which has been a strong performer in the awards for so long, have its pedigree as a worthy winner properly recognised this time,” says Management Today Editor Matthew Gwyther.

“By taking a consistent approach and sticking to its guns, Unilever has built up a bedrock of respect in the wider business community. That kind of strength in depth takes a long time to cultivate, but pays dividends for year after year.”

‘A barometer of confidence’

The Most Admired Company poll is based on the results of an independent peer review survey of business representatives, and is considered a barometer of confidence in UK-based organisations.

Commenting on the award, Unilever CEO Paul Polman said: “The changes we are making at Unilever, driven by our new vision and the turbo-charging of The Compass, are increasingly being recognised by the world outside, providing further evidence that we are on the right track and that our transformation to a more competitive company is starting to bear fruit. We are not only now fit to compete, but increasingly fit to win.”

Unilever also won a separate award from the magazine in the Ability to Attract, Retain and Develop Top Talent category.

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