Unilever named world’s fifth most desired employer

According to an article in Forbes magazine, Unilever has been ranked the world’s fifth most desirable company to work for in a survey by professional networking site LinkedIn.

Survey puts Unilever top of FMCG companies

The ‘Global InDemand Employers’ index places Unilever ahead of other FMCG companies in the top 20, including PepsiCo at number 7, Procter & Gamble in eighth position and Nestlé at 16.

It also has Unilever in second spot overall for marketing behind Google.

LinkedIn’s findings are based on analysis of 15 billion interactions last year on its site that tracked the companies people searched for and connected with the most. These interactions – which suggested interest by possible job seekers – included connecting with the company’s employees and visiting its career page.

As Paul Maxin, Global Resourcing Director, says: “Our talent strategy has two principal areas of focus – internal talent development, and ensuring we identify and recruit the best talent from outside the business. LinkedIn is the primary global business social network where nearly one-third of all white-collar workers have a profile. So it’s a really important recruitment channel for a global business like ours.”

Facebook milestone

LinkedIn’s analysis shows that the work carried out over the last couple of years on Unilever’s other global digital platforms – in particular the launch of the new brand identity, the Sustainable Living Plan and Facebook activity – contributed to the ranking.

The Unilever Careers Facebook page  has just passed the 100,000 fans mark. This, along with LinkedIn, Unilever’s strategy on YouTube and Glassdoor, demonstrates the benefits of an integrated approach to digital and social channels that treats candidates as consumers of both the company’s employer brand and its consumer brand.

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