Unilever becomes global sponsor of new Fox TV drama

Unilever is partnering with 20th Century Fox’s new TV drama Touch to be its global sponsor in a first-of-its-kind worldwide collaboration.

Launching in 100 countries

As part of the show’s simultaneous launch in more than 100 countries – across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US – Unilever will sponsor an international media tour and worldwide premiere in New York City on 18 March as well as exclusive online content from the show and a global Facebook page.

Ads for Sure in the UK, Degree in the US and Rexona elsewhere will run alongside the series when it airs in March.

Co-ordinated release

The co-ordinated global release is intended, in part, to combat the issue of non-US fans accessing content via the internet before it airs on TV. This happens because shows traditionally premiere in the US weeks or months ahead of the rest of the world.

Culturally relevant

"This type of global sponsorship enables us to engage consumers around the world with a single content platform that fits with different cultures,” said Luis Di Como, Unilever’s SVP of Global Media.

"The show will touch all areas of the globe and have characters speaking in their native languages for authenticity, which is a unique approach and obviously quite relevant to Unilever."

Wider scope

The Unilever partnership goes far beyond the scope of anything done before by Fox One, News Corp’s integrated sales and marketing division, which worked with Unilever for more than a year to create the worldwide partnership.

As Marion Edwards says: “It’s so appropriate that a television series whose focus is the unity and connection we all share in spite of culture and language differences should serve as the springboard for this very exciting, global launch.”

View a short clip of the show on YouTube.

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