Pureit launches in Mexico and Brazil

Pureit, Unilever’s in-home water purifier, is now bringing safe, affordable drinking water to homes in Mexico and Brazil.

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Pureit is already well established in India, where the filter is used by more than 20 million people. Its launch in Latin America follows its introduction in Bangladesh and Indonesia at the end of 2010. Pureit’s affordable and effective germ-removing technology, which works without the need for electricity or pressurised tap water, took Unilever scientists five years to develop.

Safe water for 500 million people

The innovative, low-cost filter is now proving its potential to help fulfil Unilever's goal of making safe drinking water available and affordable to 500 million people by 2020.

One billion people around the world still don’t have access to safe drinking water, and many others struggle to meet the financial costs of boiling water or buying bottled water. As the world’s population rises, the number of people who aren’t drinking safe water could double by 2025, according to UN estimates.

Making safe drinking water easy & affordable

"We launched Pureit in Mexico in March 2011, with a pilot test in the city of Toluca,” explains Vanessa Mora, Pureit Manager.

"This is a market in which water purifiers barely existed – and most people only used bottled water. So the initial response has been very positive: consumers can now obtain safe water without the hassle and expense of buying ‘garrafones’ (locally-sold 20-litre bottles).”

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