Coffee retailing in India

Building on the success of Bru, India’s leading coffee brand, Hindustan Unilever recently opened its first ever coffee outlet in Mumbai – the bru world café.

Finding new ways to satisfy consumers

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Cafés are becoming increasingly popular among young Indian consumers who have more disposable income than previous generations and who are spending more time socialising outside of the home environment.

Arun Srinivas, Unilever General Manager for Beverages, says: “Being the market leader, we are continuously experimenting with formats to deliver products to consumers in new and exciting ways.”

Global experience, local taste

Hindustan Unilever offers a range of products in conventional coffee, ice coffee and hot cappuccino. We are a leader in the corporate beverage vending business, with Lipton and Bru machines in over 100 cities. And we have 40 Lipton kiosks in key cities across the country, selling beverages as well as other food products such as soups.

While Lipton kiosks are aimed at the ‘on the go’ consumers, Bru World Café targets those who are looking for a cafe/lounge environment in which to meet and socialise.

And the offering has been carefully tailored to the audience. As Arun points out: “Bru World Café will bring coffee experiences from around the world which are best suited to the Indian taste palate.”

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