Unilever named 'Company of the Year'

Unilever has been named ‘Company of the Year’ for the positive impact it has on communities, environments, marketplaces and workplaces around the world.

Award recognises business’s responsibility

The award comes from a UK organisation called Business in the Community (BITC), which recognises companies that ensure that being responsible is integral to their business model. However it is for its global work that Unilever has been recognised.

Amanda Sourry, EVP, UK & Ireland, was presented with the award in London by Philip Green, Chief Executive of United Utilities – last year’s winning company – in front of 1 000 business leaders and HRH The Prince of Wales, President of BITC and a keen environmentalist.

Philip Green told the gathering: "Unilever is an outstanding example to others and a worthy winner. Unilever is a significant global market leader, with influence extending well beyond that.

"What is really impressive is how Unilever has realistically appraised the impact of its products across the whole life-cycle and built sustainability into product design. Through this it can change consumer behaviour as well as find innovative ways to improve the impact of products for its customers and our planet. Unilever is showing us all that business success goes hand in hand with responsible leadership."

Amanda responded: "We are delighted to be named Business in the Community’s ‘Company of the Year’ 2010.

"Business has a great responsibility and opportunity to create and enable positive change, for both society and the environment, particularly in such turbulent economic times. In the long run, we believe it will be the businesses which do the right thing, in the right way, to the best of their talents, which will ultimately prosper.

"We have already declared our ambition to double the size of our business while reducing our environmental impact across our entire value chain.

"This recognition inspires us to go further and faster – working with our consumers, business partners, employees, their communities and other partners throughout the UK and Ireland and beyond – to continue to deliver against our Sustainable Development goals and, importantly, their expectations of Unilever."

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