Our history

Một phần quảng cáo Blue Band ở Ấn Độ



We established Lever Haso and Lever Viso to manufacture and distribute international quality home and personal care products at affordable prices to Vietnamese consumers.


Unilever Bestfoods was established, marking our expansion into food production and distribution.


We established Elida P/S to expand the business into Oral Care Products.


Brought into operation the most modern cosmetic factory in South-East Asia at Cu Chi West-North Industry Zone.


Grand Opening of Unilever Homebase, the new modern and energy-efficient office building in Vietnam.


Bring into operation the biggest and most modern liquid factory of in South-East Asia. All factories of Unilever Vietnam are based at Cu Chi West-North Industry Zone and meet safety and environmental protection standards.


As the world economy expands, so does Unilever and it sets about developing new products, entering new markets and running a highly ambitious acquisition programme.

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