Knorr: a revolution in stock

Knorr helps home-cooks provide natural and nutritious meals for their families in a convenient way.

Delicious & authentic foods

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Knorr helps home-cooks provide natural and nutritious meals for their families in a convenient way. This story describes the transformation of one of Knorr’s iconic products: the bouillon cube becomes the Stock Pot.

Bouillon cubes are used around the world to add the base flavour to dishes such as sauces, soups and stews. However, even with a trusted product, there is always room for improvement. In 2007, Knorr launched the biggest innovation in stocks and bouillon for nearly 100 years: the Knorr Stock Pot.

Fresh vegetables, the taste of long boiled meat and an appealing aroma distinguishes a traditionally made bouillon from typical existing convenience products. But it comes at a price. Consumers told us that the problem with making bouillon from scratch was that it took too much time, effort and energy, and that it was difficult to get right.

As good as homemade

Unilever chefs and product developers worked closely together to find a way of creating a product which resembled the homemade ‘boiled down’ stock. Our challenge was to translate the quality of traditionally-made stock into a concentrated stable jelly and to lock in the great flavour.

The preparation of Stock Pot bouillon is very similar to how it would be made in a kitchen. Freshly frozen vegetables are combined with herbs, spices and meat essence in a large cooking vessel, then gently simmered.

Watch the video to find out more.

Global launch

Since we first introduced Dense Soup Treasure (as it is called in China) in 2007, we have launched into 13 markets across Europe. And at the start of 2010, we moved into Mexico and Brazil, so now home cooks on a whole new continent are expanding their repertoire and creating wonderful, wholesome dishes for their families.

Each country in which we launch delivers significant market share. For example, in Ireland, we recorded above 30% and in the UK over 15% equated to 650,000 new households entering the category.

Most of this is due to Unilever growing the market. In other words, new users attracted to the category who had previously prepared their stock from scratch or consumers who are now using bouillon more frequently.

Such is the success and appeal of the products, they have been endorsed by renowned chefs including Marco Pierre White in the UK, René Schudel in Switzerland and Jordi Cruz in Spain.

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