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View news and features about Unilever's operations and activities around the world - including updates on how we are working towards our Sustainable Living Plan targets.

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Unilever CEO to help develop ‘Plan B’

Paul Polman today was announced as a member of the b team, a group of global business leaders who will help drive a shift away from unsustainable business practices and develop a ‘Plan B’ that puts people and planet alongside profit.

Unilever joins forces against hunger

On the day of the closing ceremony of the london olympics, ceo paul polman took part in a high-level meeting urging the world to take decisive action before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio to transform the life chances of millions of children by improving their nutrition.

Unilever receives c k prahalad award

Judges honoured Unilever and its ceo paul polman for matching a bold vision of long-term capitalism with equally impressive action on sustainability through its sustainable living plan.

Unilever leads call on food security at G20 Summit

CEO paul polman is spearheading a group of business leaders from the fast-moving consumer goods industry and international non-governmental organisations, calling for action on food security.

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