Omo proudly sets new Guinness Vietnam Record

May 11th 2013, at can tho stadium, omo has set new Vietnam Guinness record for "10,000 stains removed in 1 minute" with the witness and cheering from nearly 10,000 Can Tho city locals. The role of women in the family has been significantly honored for the first time ever.

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The “Fast Challenge” Event was to launch new product OMO "Remove stubborn stains in one wash, FASTER."

The event peaked to main hook when OMO and 700 housewives set the Vietnam Guinness record "The most stains removed in the shortest time". Within 60 seconds only, more than ten thousand stains on the 700 shirts and the gigantic 4mx6m shirt stained by kids were completely removed by skillful housewives.

Numerous exciting games and activities such as: Fast to remove stains, the stains elimination, Speedy Superman ...had attracted both moms and kids to joyfully participate and immerse to the atmosphere. Not only honoring OMO as Vietnam champion in fast stains removal, the festival also witnessed Vietnam sports champions such as athlete Kim Phung Luu in female 100m and Mai Nguyen Hung in male bicycle beating their own records and various other intensive speed competitions.

This is the first time ever for Can Tho residents to enjoy such an extraordinary festival and set a Vietnam Guinness record at their home city. Thousands of people participated and appreciated OMO effort to organize this festival.

Vietnam Guinness record "10,000 stains removed in 1 minute" is a significant commitment of OMO to consumers on product quality as well as the most eloquent testament to the spirit of initiative and determination to challenge ourselves in finding exceptional solutions to delight consumers on laundry efficiency and contribute to a comfortable and convenient living.

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