Sourcing sustainable tea in China

Unilever has signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Yunnan province in southern China, to develop a sustainable supply of tea.

Developing regions

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Under the new agreement, we will source black tea from two regions which have huge potential but are currently underdeveloped.

As well as buying up to 30,000 tonnes of tea from local farmers, we have pledged to provide expertise to help those farmers improve their yields, increase the quality of their green leaf tea plants and assist processors to develop black teas more efficiently.

Farm-to-cup sustainability

The move comes a year after Unilever agreed to partner the Vietnamese government in an initiative to drive sustainable agricultural growth. Such campaigns are part of our commitment to improving sustainability across the business – in this case promoting ethically and environmentally sound principles from farm to cup.

As Martin Huxtable, Unilever’s Foods Procurement Director for the region, says: “China is the world’s largest producer of green tea but does very little in the way of black tea. In China and in Vietnam, the production from traditional tea gardens has remained relatively flat for many years. Both countries now have ambitious plans to increase output and we intend to be an integral part of that journey.”

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