Fraudulent website - Unilever Foundation

‘Unilever Foundation’ has no links to Unilever. It is using our logo and brands illegally and we are taking legal action against this act of fraud.

Legal action

The 'Unilever Foundation' claims to be a charity raising money for good causes. But despite its claims on a website and in emails, this organisation has no links to Unilever and is using our logo and brands illegally. This is an act of fraud and we are taking legal action to have it shut down.

We encourage anyone contacted by the "Unilever Foundation" not to engage in communication, but instead to send details directly to us.

Unilever's corporate responsibility programme

Unilever has an extensive corporate responsibility programme and in 2008 we contributed €91 million to communities in which we operate. This helped us to support around 16 500 community organisations around the world, through cash contributions and support in-kind.

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