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UFLP Viet Nam 2017

Unilever future leaders programme-the road that gives you all

UFLP is our main channel at Unilever to grow our future world leaders. This iconic program gives you SO-MUCH-MORE than just a title. We select the best, train them intensely, bbuild them up personally and professionally and leave no stone unturned to 'polish' them into a leader with high global impact. Here are some reasons:

1. Leading Brands: Expertise delivered

Stepping into its 22nd year serving and improving the lives of Vietnamese consumers, Unilever Vietnam gives you an absolute advantage in understanding the markets and developing a great sense of what FMCG in Vietnam is all about. Look at OMO, P/S, Knorr, Sunlight, Clear, Dove, Comfort as some of out many examples of how well Unilever has achieved and how well the people of Unilever have become. Regardless of the function you join, you will have an insider view on how leading business are run!

2. Leading People: recognizing potential, not background.

We are pround to be the one with good brands, we are even prouder to be the one with good people, who might be your future colleagues.

so, what is out secret? At Unilever, we see way beyond what is written in your resume or your transript or even your Unilever's name. We are not looking for the best; we are looking for the most suitable. We disagree with the notion that "Only people study in business school will be good in making business".

We have seen technical students or engineers become our top-leaders. We trust your potential, rather than your background. We trust your true seff and passion, rather than your titles. We trust you for who you are, regardless of where you are from and what you studied.

You will have a brightfuure in any career path that you are taking with us; be it Human Resources, Finance, Supply Chain, Marketing or Customer Development. After 3 years of being in the program, you will become manager of Unilever Vietnam. Unilever delivers on all its promises and never take brilliance for granted.

3. Leading Purpose: Towards a better future

Yet, what's work without a purpose? UFLP gives you a chance to combat real business issues, to bring real impact in the development of Unilever Vietnam. But that is not even close to the dream of Unilever. With hundreds of community projects and campaigns, Unilever is putting a whole lot of efforts to reducing our environmental footprint while increasing our social impact, and you will be apart of this. You will be trained to be not just any Leader, but a leader by Unilever's own definition - a Leader with Pride and Social Commitment.

4. Early Responsibilities: Empowering big jobs from Day 1

UFLP commits to transform you for Day 1 to become our next Future Leaders by Unilever Global Standard. This means giving you a real taste of real business challenges, working on real scopes of work with real and clearly-defined goals and interacting with real business experts and leaders in your chosen business area. All of these are well-designed for you to sharpen your professional skills to master your expertise and widen your school of thoughts.

Furthermore, because all of these are real, you will clearly be empowered and supported to lead your own real projects execute your own real idea and make a real impact. Each and every single Unilever person is empowered to be able to react to any situation and make decision at the shortest time possible.

5. Exciting Changes: Diverse International Exposure

What's life without exciting changes? UFLP does not keep you at one position throughout your thrilling 3 years with us. We believe connections and exposures share one's leadership and we will give you the opportunity to maximize those two areas. You will have rotations within and across your chosen functions, international stints, extended leadership contact, formal as well as informal training and professional development programs. All are especially-tailored and well-crafted to give you the best chance to be a Future Leader.

6. Leadership Mentors: Learn from the masters

Does it sound too much at time? You will always have your own support; we do not want you to feel left out, and we will not let that happen. Your mentor - a VP lever manager of Unilever Vietnam will be guiding you at every step.

You will also have a UFLP buddy from previos batch, who will understand what you are going through and hence, will be your strong support. Your batch-mates who will be sharing these 3 exciting, challenging and thrilling years with you will also be on your side, through shared projects and UFLP-bonding activities.

UFLP Viet Nam 2017

7. A culture of 'care'

With UFLP, you will not only get to work with great leaders or future leaders, but also experience a working culture that is nothing-like-any-other. It is not only highly professional, but also highly focused on wellbeing and caring for our empoyees, across levels. It is not about long hours, it is about 'agile', not about fixed timings, but more about 'delivering smart'. this is easy for us to achieve given our young population as well as leadership team. No wonder we have been crowned 'Vietnam's Best Place To Work' on various industry leading platforms' for last 3 years consecutively.

So what are you waiting for? APPLY and take the first lead to be with us, to be in the environment that you can shine!