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Can members of a Participating Team come from different universities?

Members of the Participating Team can come from different universities and at different academic years.

Can one participant join 2 different teams?

No, one participant is allowed to join one team only.

Are Participating Teams allowed to change team members during the Competition?

Participating Teams are unable to change its members during the Competition. In certain occasion where change is proposed, it must be approved by Unilever Vietnam organizing team

Can Participating Team have academic advisors or instructors?

Each Participating Team may have an academic advisor, who is a university professor or teacher, to give advice during the team participation at UFLL. However, advisors are not eligible for 10-day U CAMP as well as to present or answer questions on behalf of your team on U DAY final presentation

Which language will Participating Teams use to present during the Competition?

For the video project in Round 1, upon team’s preference, either Vietnamese or English is acceptable.

For audition round and Round 2, Participating Teams are required to use English to deliver their presentation

What are requirements for the video submission in Round 1?

Be approximate 3 minutes in length. Clips that exceed less than 5 seconds might be considered but the teams will be deducted 10% of the total score. Exceeding more than 5s, clips will be automatically rejected.

  • Use Vietnamese or English depending on your preference.
  • Not contain any illegal activities or objects carried. Each Participating Team shall take the sole responsibility for the content of the clip and the activities in it.
  • Be the own original and creative work of the team, and they are the legal and/or beneficial owner or otherwise have the intellectual property rights to submit such materials, and therefore warrants that they have obtained rights in incorporating copyrighted, trademarked, patented and/or any other intellectual property registered materials, included but not limited music, soundtrack, audio, graphics, images, video clips, trademarks, industrial design in their video clip.
  • Be suitable for display and publication online and should not be obscene or indecent (including but not limited to nudity, pornography or profanity), it must not contain defamatory statements or words or symbols that are offensive either generally or to individuals of a certain race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic group. It must not include threats to any person, place, business or group, it must not invade privacy or other rights of any person, firm or entity, and it must not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations or network standards.

Can each Participating Team submit more than one video clip in Round 1?

If Participating Team submits more than one clip, only the latest submitted one within deadline will be considered as the Participating Team’s Project.

How do we submit our video?

Participating Teams shall upload team’s Project on Youtube and send the link to Unilver Vietnam Organizer at: YoungTalent.VN@unilever.com

How much will audience voting be weighted in selection decision in Round 1?

In Video Campaign, audience voting accounts for 30% of selection decision and 70% selection decision comes from Unilever Vietnam Judge Panel.

Will we get feedback on our clips submitted in Round 1?

We are sorry for unable to give feedbacks to projects submitted in Round 1 because there may be a huge volume submission from Participating Teams.

The results of each Round will be released in one week after the round has competed through:


Facebook -http://www.Facebook.com/UnileverCareersVietnam

What is next if we pass Round 1?

Top 5 Teams after Round 1 will go to Ho Chi Minh City to participate in Unilever Training Camp and take Challenge # 2

U CAMP & U DAY(10 days): Top 5 teams will work on the challenge #2. In this time, Unilever Vietnam will provide best-in-class trainingfrom Unilever leaders and our strategic partners in Marketing services industry and others to help teams with the final presentation.

On the final day, top 5 teams will deliver their final presentation in front of Unilever Vietnam Judge panel and audiences. The team selected by the Judge panel will become FLL 2014 champion.

Is there any support from Unilever Vietnam for Top 5 in Round 2 held in Ho Chi Minh City?

Unilever Vietnam will cover the costs of transportation (round trip) and accommodation for participations from other provinces to Ho Chi Minh City, and meal allowance for 5 teams joining Round 2

How to register now?

STEP 1: Register in a team of 3 at http://ufllvietnam.com

STEP 2: Receive detailed case challenge via email

STEP 3: Start working on the case challenge

STEP 4: Log in to your registered account at http://ufllvietnam.com and submit your team's proposal in form of youtube link to video of maximum 3 minutes before 11:59PM GMT+7, October 9th, 2016


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