The sheer power of VIM bleach gives you the confidence you need, eradicating all known germs. With VIM, you can be absolutely certain that the job is done.


Vim keyvisualAvailable in 35 countries worldwide, from the Netherlands and India to the Philippines, VIM has a long history. In the 1920s it was sold door to door in the UK. Since entering Vietnam, the brand has owned the leading position in toilet cleaner segment and wholly dedicated itself to accomplish the mission of protecting the health of 22 million Vietnamese households from disease-causing germs.


51% of bacteria in a house originates from the toilets. That is a big health problem for the family, considering that these microorganisms cause diseases like cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. All toilet cleaners having acid-based formulation available in the market recently only try to serve the single job of keeping a spotless clean toilet for consumers. Going beyond the normal mindset of just visible cleanliness,VIM is constantly developed to provide consumers with the most effective way to tackle the real problem they should be concerned about – toilet germs. Vim is a thick bleach toilet cleaner designed to cling to the toilet bowl surfaces, leaving them spackling clean and safe from germs. The innovative packaging – directable nozzle will deliver the powerful-formulated liquid in hard-to-reach places to destroy all dirt and kill all germs.


Embracing the vision of protecting the health of 85 million Vietnamese people from toilet disease-causing germs and serving 22 million households in Vietnam with absolute germ-free toilets, Vim dares to challenge the current practice of using proxy only for the toilets as well as the well-known belief in the sufficiency of a “spotless clean” toilet in ensuring the whole family health. With the highest commitment, Vim has taken up the pioneer role to get the whole society involved.

Vim strategically cooperates with local authorities (Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education & Training, Pasteur Institute…) to help delivering VIM mission to improve health & hygiene for Vietnamese people in VIM germ-free toilet journey.

In 2009, a program to call for donation to build hundreds of germ-free school toilets for Vietnamese students was raised, receiving the great support from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education & Training. Consumers really had a chance to show their awareness and contribution. The result was outstanding: hygienic toilets for 200 schools all over Vietnam. Along with fund-raising campaign, VIM also raised public awareness and action to fight against the hidden enemies lurk in the toilet by engaging them in School connection program. Vim also commits to help build germ-free toilets for primary schools in its germ-free toilet journey each year.

With support from Ministry of health, VIM help educating Vietnamese hygiene awareness to prevent disease such as Flu & Hand-foot-mouth which cause deaths every year in Viet Nam. Thousands of booklets for households to remind people about hygiene, specially toilet germ-free to prevent disease and thousands of VIM samples are delivered for communities.

In 2012, for the first time, VIM Toilet Academy – a sustainable sanitation & hygiene improvement model is pilot in Vinh Long – Viet Nam. With unlimited boundaries, VIM challenges open toilets used by rural people to step into new hygiene access which is proper toilets. The low-cost toilet model was transferred to local entrepreneurs to give basic access to hygiene & sanitation.

All the programs strongly connect with the vision of Vim, which is getting more germ-free toilets. More and more inspiring and engaging activities will be in place in years to come, promising a higher level of hygienic standard of living for consumers, and paving the way to reach Vim’s ambition of protecting the health of 85 million Vietnamese consumers.


  • VIM is the number one or two bleach in ten countries (Croatia, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, South Africa and Vietnam).
  • VIM is sold in 35 countries globally. 
  • VIM is also sold as Domestos, Domex, Glorix, Klinex in other countries.
  • Vim Vietnam has received Unilever Marketing Excellence Awards in 2 successive years 2007 – 2008 for “Best serving consumers”.

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    Vim Diệt Khuẩn có công thức Sodium Hypochlorite được kiểm nghiệm và chứng nhận định kỳ tại viện Pasteur. Vim giúp bạn tiêu diệt vi khuẩn gây bệnh, đồng thời tẩy sạch vết bẩn mà không làm ăn mòn các bề mặt gạch hay bồn cầu Website chính thức: Fanpage chính thức:

  • HỌC VIỆN VỆ SINH VIM - 2014-2015

    Chính thói quen đi vệ sinh ngoài trời là nguyên nhân gây ra tình trạng ô nhiễm môi trường và bùng phát các dịch bệnh như dịch tả, tiêu chảy… Ra đời từ năm 2014 tại Bến Tre và Vĩnh Long, chương trình Học Viện Vệ Sinh Vim đã giúp gần 1200 hộ gia đình có nhà vệ sinh đạt chuẩn, vươt 20% so với chỉ tiêu ban đầu - Tiếp cận với nguồn vốn ưu đãi để xây dựng nhà vệ sinh đúng chuẩn bộ Y Tế. - Huấn luyện cho hơn 300 tuyên truyền viên và vận động gần 4000 hộ gia đình tham dự truyền thông thay đổi thói quen vệ sinh.

  • Make sure you have bathroom van A bathroom fan that vents to the outside of your home is the surest way to air it out, but simply cracking a window is helpful during mild weather months. It's also a good idea to keep a stock of candles and matches in your bathroom. Light a candle when you have guests coming over and keep matches in an easy to access area.

  • Another place you can get some foul smells is from used bath towels. Wash your towels often and hang them up so that they can fully dry between uses. Towels that aren't able to dry quickly enough will smell musty. The same goes for any kind of floor mat you use. Make sure it dries out fully between uses.

  • Place a cup of vinegar on the floor of your shower when you aren't using it and close the door or curtain. This will draw in foul smelling odors when you aren't around to maintain things yourself.

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