Knorr is one of the biggest and best loved brands in Unilever..Knorr can really make a positive difference for people & planet! We are sold in more than 87 countries. We sell food & have direct impact on people’s nutrition and health. Through mealtimes we reach over 320 million people every day. More than ANY other single foods brand in the world.

Vietnamese woman’s daily cooking repertoire consisted of basic, one-dimensional seasoning products – salt, sugar, pepper, bot canh and MSG.  There was an opportunity for a healthier and more delicious alternative.

  • In 2001 UNL launched Knorr Cooking Granules on the proposition of:  More delicious, more nutritious with Chef endorsements helped build credentials rapidly gaining quick consumer acceptance.   Starting off from a very functional story, the brand gradually entered the emotional space and empowered the woman to impact her environment (woman’s secret weapon).

  • In 2009, to expand the product profile in Vietnam, Knorr Mushroom & Seaweeds Granules was developed specifically to create the really fresh, really sweet vegetable dishes.

  • Knorr Shinbone, Tenderloin & Marrow Granules was introduced at the end of 2010 with the combination of 3 premium ingredients which guarantees the TRON VI (rounded) taste of dishes.

  • In August 2010, Unilever launched Knorr Meal maker product in order to convert scratch/unbranded mix users to use recipe mixes by owning the positioning of perfect taste guarantee for difficult-to-cook dishes’. There are currently 6 Knorr Meal maker SKUs in the market including North Braised Pork, South Braised Pork, North Braised Fish, South Braised Fish, North Sour Soup, South Sour Soup.

  • In 2013, Knorr granule re-launch product with added Vitamin A in collaboration with Vietnamese National Nutrition Institute, With the new formulation, Knorr granules guarantee not only the rounded taste of dishes with 3 premium ingredients (shinbone, tenderloin & marrow) but also good for the family health with the addition of Vitamin A in order to help for consumers become more aware of the importance of micronutrients in the daily diet.

By now Knorr was already the biggest seasoning brand in the country, with a large consumer base.

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  • World-renowned chef Marco Pierre White knows how to get the best from ingredients – and has shared his Knorr know-with us. Try his guide to using our products.

  • The Knorr brand offers a wide range of soups, stock cubes, bouillons, seasonings and sauces designed to taste delicious and make mealtimes a nutritious, easy and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Looking for a quick, healthy meal in minutes? Look no further than Knorr soup. Ready in seconds and packed with goodness!

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