Hazeline products are created from potent combinations of natural ingredients to bring you naturally beautiful fair skin.

From the story of the Nature…

A range of skin care and cleansing products created from potent combinations of natural ingredients to bring you noticeably fair and naturally beautiful skin.
We believe that the answer to beautiful fair skin lies in Asian natural ingredients known from skin rituals.

… to the secret of your beauty

Transforming skin is just the starting point, when you feel at your most beautiful from head to toe, you will have the confidence to embark upon new experiences, to step up and start something new, to embrace life’s opportunities with beautiful results.

Did you know?

  1. Hazeline captures the potent energy of Asian natural ingredients to give you beautifully transformed, soft and smooth skin through light sensorial.

  2. People pay attention to your body as well as your face, so don't forget to take care this important part.

  3. Skin temperature is higher in the night; As such, your skin care products can absorb deeper into your skin for better results.

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  • Các nàng đã sẵn sàng một làn da trắng mịn chào đón năm mới chưa nào? Chúc các nàng năm mới thật nhiều niềm vui và tất cả những ước mơ sẽ hô biến thành hiện thực <3
    Hãy TAG tên cô bạn thân để cùng chia sẻ lời chúc năm mới của Hazeline nào!

    01 Jan

  • Sau một thời gian dài gắn bó, hẳn các nàng sẽ có thật nhiều điều muốn tâm sự cùng Hazeline. Nếu bạn bè hỏi nàng cảm nhận sau khi dùng Hazeline Night, nàng sẽ chia sẻ điều gì? Comment với #cholandangongiac nhé!

    30 Dec

  • Một năm nữa lại đến rồi các nàng ơi <3
    Nếu có một điều ước cho làn da mình vào năm 2015, bạn sẽ ước gì nè? Có ai muốn sở hữu một làn da trắng mịn rạng ngời? ;) Chia sẻ ngay nhé!

    27 Dec

  • During sleep is the ideal time for your body to regenerate and renew so it's really important you get a good night's slumber. Lack of sleep can really show on your skin so make sure you dedicate some time for yourself - you'll really see the difference in the mirror! Why not indulge in a relaxing bubble bath and massage your body with a Night Whitening lotion before bed to unwind and prepare yourself for a good night's sleep.

  • Your body also deserves the best to get your full attention. Don't forget to take care of your body and moisturise it daily. Keeping your skin moisturised prevents it from getting dry, dull and rough.

  • Water alone cannot cleanse your skin deeply, only facial foam can help! Washing your face with water alone cannot cleanse dirt, impurities, dead skin cells inside your pores. Using facial foam twice a day to cleanse skin deeply and reveal your natural fairness. Remember to sweat it and make it foaming before massaging your face with facial foam.

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