Unilever Future Leaders Programme (Opening now)

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It takes a smart graduate to become a manager within a few years. But it takes extra ingenuity, passion and humility to WANT MORE, DO MORE & CONTRIBUTE MORE to become a great LEADER with impact.
Unilever Future Leaders Program is the best choice to develop you as a dynamic BUSINESS LEADER of the future with huge DIFFERENCES, enabling you to grow and make a POSITIVE impact not only on your PROFESSIONAL and PERSONAL life but also on PEOPLE around you
Are you ready to make it? If yes, Unilever will support you.

Why UFLP? 

Graduates expect a lot these days. You want real responsibility, good salary, recognition for success, supportive team, room for ideas, work life balance, international exposure, etc. We understand your expectations and would like to offer you more than these.
When you join UFLP, you will be taking part in a program that is unique in its challenge and scope for development. It's meant to give you a real taste of challenge, working on real project and real goals with interaction world-class experts.  And the focus is not just on building your professional development, but on helping you become a more well-rounded person; a ‘whole-person’ focus. Along with sharpening your professional skills to master the expertise in your chosen business area, you will learn to channel your strengths and build the influence to inspire and lead other people. You will be given all the tools you need for success, and you will be expected to achieve it.

The rewards are great, as the people who come through this program will become Unilever's future leaders. And they will be leaders with a difference, people who have grown as professionals and as people, who have been operating in a global company whose mission includes the principle of 'doing well by doing good', mixing commercial business drivers with sustainability, environment & social responsibility. And at the end of the day, you and people around you will benefit that.


Selection Process

                                         Timing                             Location

Application submission     10/04/2014                     Online

& Online test

Career Day                       3/4/2014 - 7/4/2014       Hồ Chí Minh, Hà Nội

Initial interview                21/4 – 8/5/2014              Hồ Chí Minh, Hà Nội

Assessment centre          15-31/5/2014                  Hồ Chí Minh

Offer                                June 2014

Start work                       July 2014

Who can apply

  • Vietnamese nationality

  • A minimum of  Bachelor degree with less than 1 year experience OR university graduates in 2014 and Q1/2015GPA from 7/10 or equivalent 

  • Good analytical and conceptual power

  • Excellent interpersonal skills, strong teamwork

  • Track records in leadership positions in student organizations or extra curriculum activities

  • Highly interested in Fast Moving Consumer Good Industry

  • Passionate, fast learners with great Can Do Attitude  

How to apply

  • Read our instruction carefully and click to “Apply Now” block on the right hand side, complete the application form as detailed as you can.
  • Click 'Submit' after you complete filling/attaching all required information.
  • Register before the deadline 10th April 2014. (Please do not wait until the last days before the deadline to avoid the problem with submitting your applications).

*Note: If you submit to our 2014 UFLP successfully, an Auto Reply Message will be sent to you to confirm. If you don't receive this Auto Reply Message, please register one more time.

For further information

Our UFLP hotline support: 0914.398.487

You can also follow our activities or post your questions on our fanpage at: https://www.facebook.com/UnileverCareersVietnam(Link opens in a new window)

Finally, we will be organizing Online Chatting with UFLP sessions so that you can get real experiences of UFLPs who are working and developing in Unilever. The sessions will be held during March 2014. Please follow this website and our fanpage for more information and registration.

Unilever Future Leaders Programme 2014


Application submission and online test by: 10/04/2014

How to apply - PDF (428KB) Application process Application help


World class development

With UFLP we aim to develop you both professionally and personally into Future Leaders. We have prepared a structured development programme, which focuses on three areas:

1. Formal learning

You will follow a structured learning roadmap that encompasses a mix of general, professional and leadership skills, delivered through e-learning and classroom training. General skills refer to ‘soft skill’ training, for example, business communication, presentation, influencing skills. Professional skills refer to the expertise of your specific business area, for example, marketing skills for marketing trainees, account management for customer development trainees, or HR management for HR trainees, etc.  Leadership Skills aim to build up your leadership potential and prepare you for the future role as managers and leaders.

2. Learn by experience

Diverse rotations

From day one you’ll be given real responsibility to solve a variety of important business issues. You’ll be rotated to different business areas, learning different sides of the business and working on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects to contribute to the business success.  We believe in the wisdom of “Learning by Doing”, and this is the core part of the development programme.

International exposure

After 24 months in the business, you will surely get international exposure by working in other countries with regional or global team .  With this, you will experience how the world is interconnected and how we a global company work together towards our shared vision.

3. Learn through people

We’ll invest a lot time and resources in you and will support you with business mentoring, individual coaching from senior managers. We will provide you with a ‘buddy’, who will understand what you are going through in the first days with Unilever and give you useful advice. The whole support system works together to develop you into successful business leaders of tomorrow, and with high speed.

Fast track your career to become global business leaders

We aim to develop you successfully into managers within few years, and global business leaders in the longer run. This is a challenging goal, but we believe you can make it happen if you always show the Passion to learn, to Do More and Contribute more to make things better. The structured development program is there to help you succeed.

Competitive rewards

A highly competitive starting salary, an annual bonus based on performance, and a long list of other in-kind benefits, including Unikhoe (private medical scheme), health check-up), and Pension fund will be just a start. As you progress your career, you will get higher salary, more benefits adequate to your contribution to Unilever. You will then be able to improve your life personally and support others.

Key facts on the Unilever Future Leaders Programme

  • Intensive development duration: 3 years
  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City 
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in all majors
  • Annual Recruiting number: 15-20 trainees

"I have benefited a lot from working for Unilever in Singapore and Australia in my first and second year as a Future Leader, including leading projects, participating in strategy discussion or being coached by top senior management around the world… UFLP has surely set myself ahead in building leadership capability and career development"

Trong Ma: UFLP 2009, Senior Brand Manager (Marketing)

"One can hardly find another company that provides fresh graduates with such a wonderful chance to both practically and academically experience of a real-life supply chain from its very first to the last link"

Ha Pham: UFLP 2007 – Demand planning Manager for all categories (Supply Chain)

Choose a Unilever Department

The first thing for you to do is to decide which business area interests you the most. Unilever is such a broad company, and there’s plenty to select from. But don’t worry if you find it hard to choose, you’ll get the chance to experience other business areas during the programme. Regardless of which business area you work in, you’ll be part of a team at Unilever that is working to create better futures every day.