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Klazien Van Vliet, Early Careers Resourcing Director

I think the Unilever Future Leaders Programme is a great opportunity for graduates around the world. It will allow you to work on great brands and you get to work with fantastic people.

At the same time we offer a range of development opportunities. You will have a real responsibility from day one, so you get to develop on the job as well as through formal learning, and I think most importantly, you get to personally drive your career to wherever you want it to be and to go, be it at a local level, or around the world.

Application process summary

Unilever Future Leaders Programme

  • Online Application
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Initial Interview
  • Assessment Center

Unilever Internship Leadership Programme

  • Application form
  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Initial Interview
  • Assessment Center

Unilever Standards of Leadership

Standards of Leadership are behaviours we expect to see in our employees. They drive our performance and culture.

If you make it to the assessment day stage, we’ll assess you against these, as we believe they’re also required in every graduate applying for a Unilever Future Leaders Programme position.

You can get more information on the Standards of Leadership when you apply. Below are some short descriptions.

Growth mindset

This is competitive leadership. It's a positive, yet realistic, attitude about the company's future. It's passion for winning.

Consumer and customer focus

This is purpose-driven leadership. It's externally focused on consumers, on customers. It's seeing our brands through their eyes.

Bias for action

This is action-driven leadership. It's a sense of urgency in decision-making. It’s thoughtful action, intelligent risk-taking.

Accountability and responsibility

This is performance-driven leadership. It's staring reality in the eye. It’s owning Unilever's overall performance.

Building talent and teams

This is people-driven leadership. It's investing in people's development. It's building teams that pull together to win.

“Unilever was the single-most company that was really paying attention to me. During the selection process everything went very quick, very fast and they gave me the attention that I liked”

Jorg Brouwer, former graduate, now Sales Director, Customer Development, Benelux

The Application Form

Here’s where you tell us all the good things about you. We’ll ask for information about your degree, details of any previous work experience you may have had, any leadership positions held at university (such as student clubs) and in activities you are involved in outside university, too. This is your chance to tell us why you want to join us and show us you’re up for the challenge.


  • Take note of all deadlines
  • Answer all our questions
  • Check your answers against our Standards of Leadership
  • Write clearly and accurately. Use spell-check
  • Include all relevant achievements
  • Get feedback: ask your friends and family for examples of your leadership skills

During your two to three years on the programme, your line manager will formally appraise your performance at regular intervals and provide feedback and coaching to build on your key strengths and development areas.

A detailed breakdown of the Unilever Future Leaders Programme application process

Application form

Here we collect information about you, your degree, any previous work or leadership experience and your motivation for joining us. This form takes around 45 minutes complete online.

Online test

This 40-minute timed-test is available for completion immediately after the application form has been submitted. Tests are deemed complete after the allocated time has passed.


A Unilever recruiter will interview you about your leadership skills and experience. This will require you to tell us about specific instances where you have displayed leadership behaviours. The interview lasts around an hour.

Assessment Center

You will be invited to spend a day with us at a local office. You’ll be assessed in a group with other graduates and asked to discuss and solve business problems using case studies, group exercises and short presentations.

This is the last round of the process and successful candidates usually receive an offer to join the UFLP programme one to two weeks later.

Unilever Future Leaders Programme 2014


Deadline for Online application and Aptitude tests: 25/02/2014 – 10/04/2014

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