Unilever Vietnam inaugurates new Homebase in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City, March 20th 2008 – Today, Unilever Vietnam has officially inaugurated its new Homebase at 156 Nguyen Luong Bang, District 7, Phu My Hung, HCMC.

The ceremonial ribbon cutting is being made by Mr. Bert Koenders, Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation and Mr. Frank Heemskerk, Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade (who are currently on business trip in Vietnam) together with Mr. Do Huu Hao, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade, Mr. Nguyen Trung Tin, Vice Chairman of the People Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the Royal Netherlands’ Ambassador to Vietnam and the management board of Unilever Vietnam. Attendees of the ceremony include the Advisory board of the Unilever Vietnam Foundation, the representatives of the central and local government agencies, Unilever’s business partners, the media and employees of Unilever Vietnam.

Being an Anglo-Dutch company, Unilever is one of the world leading manufacturers of Food, Homecare & Personal Care products. Since its establishment in Vietnam in 1995, Unilever has invested more than 130 million USD into two companies, namely: Unilever Vietnam Join Venture Company & Unilever Vietnam Limited Company.

With unique design and architect, Unilever Vietnam’s new building reflects its mission “Adding Vitality to Life”. Being located in a total area of 9600m2 in Phu My Hung, the new South Saigon district, the new home of over 600 Unilever Vietnam’s employees in HCMC includes a ground floor, three levels and parking basement. The new office of Unilever Vietnam has been designed to meet the following architectural & business objectives:

1. Creating a comfortable workplace for all employees, reflecting the company’s mission “adding vitality to life”.

The working areas, with open-designed layout facilitated by 31 meeting rooms and new IT system is to serve the future growth of the business. Being distinctive to other modern buildings, the new office of Unilever Vietnam is like a “second home” for all employees with completed & convenient facilities & function rooms such as: gym, beauty salon, canteen & cafeteria. After work, employees can do exercise, treat themselves and relax here to feel good and have more vitality, thus they can growth the business together and get more out of life.

2. Providing a modern office with all the highest standards of a “Green” working environment.

The new building of Unilever Vietnam satisfies all the highest requirements for a modern and environment-friendly workplace: efficient light with less wattage, natural light utilization, energy-saving air-conditioner system, equipping the energy-saving protecting glass,  CO2 censor etc…

3. Enhancing interaction with customers and consumers.

The new office clearly indicates the leading position of Unilever Vietnam as a successful and consumer’s favourite company in fast-moving consumer good industry. There are areas specifically designed for consumer and customer interactivity enhancement: hair care salon, skin care salon, demo & show kitchen and laundry area. All these areas are opened to consumers and customers to enjoy the innovation of Unilever products under the instruction of professional experts.

4. Creating a modern & high-tech working environment.

The new Office of Unilever Vietnam has been constructed and well equipped with modern & high-tech office facilities, meeting Unilever Global standards.

5. Indicating the desire to build up Unilever Vietnam as a company of Vietnamese people and for Vietnamese people.

In addition to the design that fits the surrounding areas, satisfying the Vietnamese aesthetics, the new Office of Unilever Vietnam has been constructed by experienced Vietnamese workers. Moreover, it has been decorated with beautiful paintings of the famous artists of Vietnam like: Pham Luan, Thanh Chuong, Do Minh Tam.

The opening of the new office has not only marked a milestone of a new developing stage of Unilever Vietnam, but it also indicates the long-term commitment of the company to better serving the Vietnamese consumers. This also reflects the desire of Unilever Vietnam to become a leading corporation in Vietnam, which is developed & managed by the Vietnamese people and to serve the Vietnamese consumers.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Frank Heemskerk, Minister of Foreign Trade said: “Unilever Vietnam is an obvious indication the long-term commitment of the Dutch companies in Vietnam. We are pleased to witness the success of Unilever in Vietnam and its new Office is a strong evidence for Unilever achievement in Vietnam”.

At the event, Mr. Marijn van Tiggelen, chairman of Unilever Vietnam stated: “UNILEVER building is a vivid and solid evidence of our commitment to Vietnamese market, heading to a further new stage of the company development in Vietnam. We are proud to grow with Vietnam”.

On this occasion, Unilever Vietnam is honour to receive Prime Minister’s Certificate of Merits for outstanding performance in business in the period of 2005 to 2007.

In addition, at the ceremony, Unilever Vietnam announces the sponsorship of 1 billion VND to the Ho Chi Minh city Association for handicapped people & homeless children.

Over the last 12 years operating in Vietnam, Unilever has achieved outstanding successes and have made positive contribution to the social & economic development of Vietnam. Unilever Vietnam is one of the foreign-invested companies which have been praised and rewarded for excellent contribution to the state’s budget. In particular, the company’s accumulated contribution to the state’s budget is up to more than 3.000 billion VND during the period of 1995-2007. Over the first 10 years, Unilever Vietnam has contributed over 300 billion VND for the social, community and charity’s activities, helping improving the living standards of Vietnamese people, especially children & women in rural and remote areas. Furthermore, Unilever Vietnam has also committed in enhancing its social and community activities with a pledge of 70 billions per annum since 2006.

Unilever Vietnam was honour to receive Second Rank Labour Medal (2005) and Third Rank Labour Medal (2001) for good achievements in business and community support from the President. The brands of Unilever like: Lipton, Knorr, OMO, Sunsilk, Clear, Dove, PS, Lifebuoy… have all acquired the top rank in the competitive categories and continuously voted as “Vietnamese High Quality Goods” by the consumers.